What we specialise in:

Data Centre Infrastructure

Investing in infrastructure isn’t about spending a lot on more performance and capacity.

The modern data centre is designed to help you reduce operational costs, simplify operations and react fast to new needs and opportunities.

With CAE, you can plan and implement infrastructure investments that quickly return value.


As your data centre expands, the scope and complexity of your network can grow.

At CAE, we will provide you with a network that adapts quickly to its changing needs, provide automation, scale and consistency across your on-premise and public cloud instances.

We are here to help you ensure your network delivers both now and in the future.

CAE saw all the challenges and solved them. This project succeeded on two fronts — providing a bespoke, advanced technical solution combined with a commercial model that suited our client precisely."

Nicky Stewart, UK Cloud

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Management and Orchestration

The data centre is constantly facing new challenges and dynamic demand.

To keep your business productive, you need to maintain performance during demand spikes and fix issues before they do damage.

CAE can help you manage the data centre with smarter insights and efficient automation.


We all know our cyber security risk is growing. You need practical solutions, and the right support to deal with these risks and protect your business.

Here’s where to start for answers to your data centre security challenges.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

There are some workloads and data, your business can’t run without.

CAE helps you protect them from almost every conceivable disaster with a backup and DR strategy and solutions tailored for your business.

Data Storage and Management

Information is the currency of every modern business, and the volume of data each business holds is expanding rapidly

CAE can help you use your data capital - the value of the data you create and own - by building the right strategy for managing and capitalising on your digital assets.

And while storing data is a growing expense, we can help increase storage ROI by improving storage efficiency, availability and data insight.


Much of today’s technological advances are delivered in software. With the rise of commodity hardware and the pace of development that today’s products require, developing solutions in software is becoming the norm.

It’s not just embedded software but the operating systems and applications we use every day.

Keeping track of your licensing can be time consuming while the effort required to keep pace with version updates is considerable

Data Centre Technology – It's what we specialise in

Data Centre Technology is something we've been specialising in for over 20 years. It's CAE's expertise that is behind some of the largest enterprise, critical public sector and research data centres of today.

You’re in safe hands with CAE.

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